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NEW Podcast Launch


I’ve re-launched my podcast this fall – Stress is Optional! And, what a terrific line-up of guests already confirmed to share their acumen and wisdom with you every Tuesday! During my previous podcast, Entrepreneur Conversations I had the privilege of interviewing such notable guests as Sandra Yancey, CEO eWomen Network; Diamond Dallas Page, World Wrestling Champion, founder of DDP Yoga; Robbins Emmons, CNN Hero; Michael Losier, Law of Attraction author; Summer McStravick, creator, HayHouse Radio; Barbara Huson, Money Expert, 8 x author and many, many more remarkable individuals.

The premise of Stress is Optional is to provoke a cultural shift in Society’s approach to stress is optional from stress is normal.

You can tune in weekly at the bottom of the page at

If you are interested in being a guest or having your product/service promoted on the podcast, go to and click on […]

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Entrepreneur Non-Revenue Generating Activities Resolved


Do you have a hunch you are spending too much time on NON-REVENUE generating activities? If so, read on…


Connect with your Entrepreneur Why: Resolves Overwhelm/Disorganization

Many live in constant disorganization and overwhelm. In a way they’re addicted to the adrenaline that goes along with putting out fires and self-imposed, pressured deadlines. It feeds them…or so they think. What they don’t realize is that this unhealthy approach leads to burnout, many unnecessary health ailments on a physical, emotional, relational level. It allows one to justify less than stellar results for “busyness”, a habit that reinforces non revenue-generating activities and always compromises self and usually n negatively affects others. It comes down to your commitments or lack thereof. Once you’re clear on your WHY and your commitments, you nix the frenetic “what do I need to do next”. Your choices simply stem from […]

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Entrepreneur Commitments


Do you have commitments in place to work on vs in your Entrepreneur Business and life?

Here are 3 of the 11 foundational commitments of

Entrepreneur Commitment #1 of 11 – curator of my life? Me

When you lead your day from this place, you make choice to be 100% accountable for what is/is not showing up in your life. So if your day is going sideways, your choice is to “course-correct” for 10 min, an hour, half-day by going for a walk, have a tea, take a nap. Get your mindset sorted out to move forward with an inspired action step. This may feel difficult in the moment, but it always moves your forward. If you’re waiting for someone to show up to change your environment….well, you may wait forever!

Entrepreneur Commitment #9 of 11 – create prosperous preservation

Identify your Top […]

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Entrepreneur Beliefs for a Prosperous Mindset


Entrepreneur Beliefs for a Prosperous Mindset, take inventory now!

Let’s assume you’re good, even really good at what you offer and why in your entrepreneur endeavor. All things being equal, success should be forth coming given clarity on your bigger WHY at play and daily due diligence. Not quite! Your beliefs can sabatoge you without awareness. Not sure what your WHY is?

Five Beliefs to Adopt for Your Prosperous Mindset

  1. If never-ending to do’s and responsibilities consume your day, understand it’s your commitments or lack thereof to self that are taking you out, not your to do’s. Once you shift your perspective to work on vs in your life and business with commitments, this changes what you work on and why.
  1. All prosperous leaders learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable. It’s not about the absence of fear or uncertainty, it’s about […]
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Entrepreneur Creative Problem-Solving


Commitment #8 i evolve my purpose

Evolve your purpose encourages you to be creative in all aspects of your life.  One of my most favourite ways to evolve my purpose and give to others is growing fresh herbs and veggies. The countless hours of puttering, watering, planting and harvesting have provided me time to resolve questions for which I needed answers for and quiet time for ideas and solutions to surface in an environment I can actually hear from within.

Accessing and cultivating your intuitive guide is a lot like cultivating herbs. It requires you be present and truly uses your senses (touch, smell, feel, hear,). It is in these moments, you get to know a bit more about you and reflect and choose to support yourself in what your next best step is…For me, this space is in the […]

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Entrepreneur Influence


Entrepreneur Conversations Radio show guest this week Teresa DeGrosbois shares 4 things to gain influence and make more money.

Although over 80% of women still complain of glass ceilings and blocked opportunities, it’s not just a problem for women. Informally survey a group of men, and you’ll discover many men also have challenges gaining influence.It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs and business leaders alike to struggle with how to meet the influential and gain the business opportunities they need.  The challenge is that many of the rules you learned in the playground as a kid, or the etiquette you adopted when first learning to network in business is working against you when you step into realm of the highly influential. And it’s no surprise that influence and success go hand in hand.

One of the reasons I wrote Mass Influence – The […]

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Entrepreneur Resilience for Daily Mastery


Daily-Life-Mastery Commitment #4 I trust courageous creativity (

Resilience. The dictionary definition is the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity; the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

The commitment, i trust courageous creativity stems from a cultivated trait of resilience. Resilience becomes part of your character which others recognize as formidable strength. It’s an essential entrepreneur trait to move through obstacles that temporarily prevent you from moving toward your dreams yet lived. If you’re clear on your bigger WHY, courageous creativity is second nature. If not, resistance shows up.

Courageous creativity is the solution to your obstacles. It’s a differentiator to set you apart from your competition. It requires you to dig deep and go beyond a mediocre approach and stretch your own belief in what you’re capable of. The courage is in […]

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Basics in Business: ABCs Branding


Today’s business environment, fueled by continued innovation and advances in technology – is constantly changing and evolving. But the more things change, the more the basics of branding stay the same. Whether you are just starting out on your branding journey, or have a well-established business, everyone can use a refresher to get ahead in today’s competitive markets. I recently shared many insights on Entrepreneur Conversations Radio show Back to Basics in Business; ABC’s Branding is a necessity.

At Brand School we are big believers in starting with and sticking to the basics, and once you have them down, revisiting them from time to time to keep your branding goals fresh. By following the ABCs of Branding you can build a stronger, more profitable business:


The biggest mistake that […]

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Business Preservation for Economic Prosperity


Commitment #6 – i claim what is.

In interviewing remarkable entrepreneurs for the radio show, Entrepreneur Conversations, a common trait in them achieving new levels of success is acceptance, i claim what is for economic prosperity.

i claim what is refers to what transpires in the course of your day, your life and the accomplishments, perceived failures, hurdles. I’ll speak to accomplishments first. Claiming your accomplishments influences the creation of more, so own and celebrate them. I’m a big proponent of celebrating wins for myself, family and clients. The more you take ownership for the accomplishment and celebrate it, the more confidence and belief you have to strive for the next goal that currently, may feel out of reach or intimidating to you. Celebration can take the form of: taking Friday off; buying fresh cut flowers; treating yourself to lunch out mid-week; […]

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Give First for Business Preservation


As a Los Angeles native, I (Mayer Dahan) wanted to find a way to make the community better but couldn’t find an organization that did everything that I thought a nonprofit should.  After the death of a close friend, I started to realize that making money was only a small part of having a fulfilling life. To fill the void, I founded The Dream Builders Project, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit that takes visible action to make a positive difference in the world. The DBP was founded to not only achieve my own philanthropic goals, but also to inspire others to dream big and give back. It’s about give first philosophy. I spoke extensively of this premise during my interview on Entrepreneur Conversations Radio,

Over the past two years, I’ve created a unique charitable model — my real estate development […]

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