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eLearning Virtual Workshops

leadership influence for people, culture, profit solutions

be the leader you’d like to follow” – Christine Monaghan

When you and your people function from a state of well-being through a solutions-based leadership approach, everyone wins. Productivity, engagement, wins and profit soar for all – optimum performance. As a leader of 10 or 10,000+ people, your goal is to influence a “lead as you would like to follow” culture. As your team begins to stressless, their focus shifts away from problems and toward goal-achieving – this stems from a culture which views problems as opportunities to increase optimum performance, individually and collectively.

Influence: The capacity to have an effect on the character, development or behaviour on someone or something, or the effect itself. Have an influence on. “social forces” synonym: affect, have an impact on, impact, determine, guide, control, shape, govern, decide. 


Your eLearning solution is a series of virtual workshops (VWS) in: Leadership Communication, Goal-Setting to Goal-Achieving; plus, creating a Stress is Optional People and Culture with:

  • Proven success principles via personal development masters (Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor etc)
  • Solution-based content with workbook, exercises plus integration solution tools
  • Implement result via the 3C’s of Communication – commitments, conversations, choices
  • Witness a People and Culture shift toward what you do want to achieve for goals fulfillment

eLearning is set to surpass 275 billion in the U.S. alone by 2022! Why? Increased retention; increased integration follow-up sessions; geographic participant access; requires 40-60% less time; lower costs; increased interaction so action from knowing to doing!

Leadership Communication Virtual Workshops. 

There are seven topics in the collective series which deliver proven success principles to cultivate a solutions-based culture:

  1. The 3C’s of Communication: A Communication Commitment
  2.  Work on Versus In Your Leadership Role: People Culture Vision
  3. Solutions Based Culture: Lead as You Would Like to Follow

Goal-Set to Goal-Achieve Virtual Workshops /

  1. Uncertainty and Change: Stress is Optional
  2. Worn-out Habits to Goal-Achieve: Individual + Corporate
  3. The Goal-Achieve Gap: Mindset Up-Level
  4. ABC Goals: MasterPlan for Results


eLearning Virtual Workshop Benefits

  • Maximize People Culture; strategy; engagement; learning development; work force planning:
    • Online video conference; easy access no matter location(s)/time zone(s)
    • More cost-effective than room rental, travel details and scheduling hurdles
    • Maximum interactive engagement; participants experience safety buffer
    • Informs leaders to truly understand causes of People Culture challenges
    • Immediate results using success principles, exercises, tools to influence self/others
    • Increased knowing-to-doing retention with follow-up integration session(s)
    • Increased retention with integration follow-up session(s) and tools – knowing to doing!
    • Seven Virtual Workshop topics to select from (clients usually start with 3C’s of Communication)
    • Reduce stress-based disability claims with coaching solutions for immediate results
    • Absolve presenteeism with proven daily stress solution tools
    • Be a profit leader and retain premium talent/sandwich/two-income
    • Integrate your organizations top performance needs into virtual workshop content
    • Maximize People Culture; strategy; engagement; learning development; work force planning:

Why a Stress is Optional Approach? Because…

  • 50 billion is spent annually in Canada on mental health costs
  • 17% of employees took time off in last 12 months for mental health related needs
  • 19% population misses social/family engagements due to mental health issues
  • 23% of population is on medication
  • 1 in 4 Canadians deal with an anxiety related disorder in lifetime /40 mill+ Americans
  • 30% annual disability claims in Canada are mental health related /15-33 bill cost
  • National estimate–35 million workdays lost to mental health issues (10 mill workers)
  • Presenteeism estimated 22 billion cost annually to Canadian employers

eLearning Virtual Workshop Format

Delivery Format + Pricing

  • Each VWS is 75-minutes; an online video conference link is provided
    • The VWS format includes a PowerPoint Presentation facilitated by Christine Monaghan
    • The presentation is interactive with exercises throughout
    • Q+A is carried out at end of each segment; everyone learns from each other’s input
    • Participants receive a digital workbook prior to VWS date; utilize during and reference after
    • Client provides top two People Culture objectives/challenges to incorporate into VWS
      • 45-minute brainstorm call to mutually agree on objectives for selected VWS(s)
    • Follow-up virtual integration session x 45-minutes scheduled 7-14 days after
  • Note Additional integration session(s) can be arranged for long term, measured ROI
  •           Pricing tailored based on your objectives

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