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Signature Leadership Blueprint 

 you want to become the leader everyone wants to follow

  • You want to influence your team to access more potential; succeed at new levels
  • You value being respected, admired by your team; your leadership approach
  • Being recognized by piers as a champion motivator is non-negotiable
  • Growing into next best version of you is a leadership competency
  • You envision a solutions-based vs problem-based culture; possibilities
  • To cultivate a “Stress is Optional” team culture is important to you
  • Leading with 100% accountable for your teams results is success to you
  • You want to create a “lead as you would like to follow” leadership legacy
  • You need a RESET to grow into the next best version of you

The Signature Leadership Blueprint Package 

This package involves: 1:1 weekly coaching; access to digital eLearning platform courses; integration tools. The process is interactive, invigorating and result-oriented. I will share my proven success principles from immense training with masters such as Jack Canfield, my business acumen and coaching experience with 100’s of clients and 1000’s of workshop participants and podcast listeners. You will have evergreen access to: All success principles templates; Stress Solutions tools; time-management systems; mindset tools. As you implement these learning’s you can influence your team to adopt them as well! Following is what’s involved.

  • Live weekly integration calls x 45 minutes; 4-5 months based on your schedule
  • Module I / Goal-Set to Goal-Achieve Reset MasterPlan
    • This is a goal-set to goal-achieve system that will up-level all life areas
    • A, B, C goals; What’s a Reset Plan; Discovery exercise for C level goal
    • Co-creation of  your Reset MasterPlan
    • Create, print out Game-Changer-Goal Card; use 3-step visualize exercise
    • Bonus: 3 C’s Communication Virtual Workshop + Guide (75-minutes)
      • This will be scheduled with leadership team or your team for collective up-level
  • Module II / Time-Management Reboot System
    • This system will be implemented from our first call so you receive and witness benefits from the get-go! Beyond learning how to work on vs in your day and leadership role, this system is the most effective way to surface and transform worn-out habits with minimal discomfort!
    • Each week we will focus on your Top 5 and daily Top 5
    • Weekly check-in with Top 5 to empower your solutions-based approach
    • Time-management exercise; better allocate priorities for balance and results
    • Learn 5 Non-Negotiable’s all my clients have adopted and are thriving with
    • Implement Monthly Goal-Achieve Schedule once MasterPlan complete
  • Module III / Mindset Up-Level Success Principles
    • This module assists you in identifying your old-worn out habits by creating and focusing on the opposite habit for fresh results, new levels of leadership influence.
    • Identify worn-out habit(s) exercise driving stress, minimizing results
    • Utilize 2 Success Principles; replace fear mindset with inspired-action
    • Utilize 2 Success Principles; shift from uncertainty to possibility with hurdles
  • Module IV / Mindset Up-Level Success Principles
    • Identify worn-out habit(s) driving Stress, minimizing results; Mindset Check-Up exercise
    • Utilize 2 Success Principles; replace fear mindset with inspired-action
    • Utilize 2 Success Principles; shift from uncertainty to possibility with hurdles
  • Module V / Lead as you Would Like to Follow
    • In this module we will identify your communication commitment as a leader plus one way to practice integration of the commitment on a daily basis. Once you have established this commitment, you can influence your team to create and integrate the same.
    • Co-create your communication commitment to lead with for balance of year
    • Identify two challenges you are experiencing with your team and establish simple tools to resolve them
    • Learn and implement the 15-Minute Solution to create a “lead as you would like to follow” solutions culture with your team
  • Upon completing the Signature Leadership Blueprint you will have:
    • 100% clarity for who you are becoming as a leader with yourself and team(s)
    • Established a goal-achieving plan; concise, methodical and inspiring
    • Transformed time-management for you and your team
    • Witness team members leading from empowerment and solutions-based approach
    • Celebrated consistent goal-achieving with your team from success principles
    • Decreased stress-based habits and culture; replaced worn-out habits
    • Introduced duplicate systems for your team with noticeable wins
    • Increased your sense of pride in your team’s unified approach and success
    • Integrated 3 C’s Communication in your approach with noted-worthy results
    • Feel confident, strong, productive and successful in your role

It’s not who you are that holds you back. It’s who you think you are not. Bob Proctor

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Your team member has a problem they need to solve…

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You and your team thrives from your unified, methodical, inspiring style

Your philosophy is “lead as you would like to follow”

You and your team are growing into the next best version of self..