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  • Let’s do an inventory on your goals and see how well they are serving you and more importantly, inspiring you!
  • Let’s identify what the gap is between goal-setting and goal-achieving
  • Let’s brainstorm solutions for anything entrepreneurial you want to move forward on..

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Be part of my mission. Stress is Optional… It’s time to shift your conversations, commitments and choice to Stress is Optional because….

50 billion is spent annually in Canada on mental health costs; 17% of employees took time off in last 12 months for mental health related needs; 19% population misses social/family engagements due to mental health issues; 23% of population is on medication; 1 in 4 Canadians deal with an anxiety related disorder in lifetime /40 mill+ Americans; 30% annual disability claims in Canada are mental health related =15-33 bill cost; national estimate–35 million workdays lost to mental health issues (10 mill workers); presenteeism estimated 22 billion cost annually to Canadian employers.

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