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Anxiety: The Missing Stage of Grief


Today’s podcast guest is best-selling author, Claire Bidwell Smith.

Claire Bidwell Smith is a licensed therapist specializing in grief and author of several books about grief and loss. She writes and speaks about grief regularly and offers online grief support in addition to her private practice in Los Angeles. Her latest book Anxiety: The Missing Stage of Grief is on shelves now, a must read!

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Create Meaning out of Your Muck!


Stress is Optional Podcast Tuesday!
Today’s guest has been dubbed the “Voice Finder” and “Message Maven,” Joscelyn Duffy has been creating communication to move the world forward into individual and collective potential for 20 years. The depth of wisdom in her messaging stems from having twice defied death in the face of illness. Coupled with her years of marketing experience in North America’s financial sector, her style is pragmatic and profound. Her clients represent Fortune 500 companies – New York Times best-selling authors – to new entrepreneurs some who have been featured from “World’s Top” lists to Oprah.

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The Life I Deserve – Are you Ready to Claim it?

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This week, our guest is Adrian McMillan , owner of The Life I Deserve. Over 25 years ago Adrian discovered Jack Canfield’s Success Principles. Excited by the immediate results in his own life, he became passionate with self-improvement – consuming teachings of the most influential motivational world-wide experts. The skills he learned allowed him to go from living in near poverty, to becoming a successful real estate investor, owning numerous homes in prestigious neighborhoods. Adrian also applied his transformational skills to become a leader in the business world, attaining a Corporate Director position, at a major Hollywood motion picture studio. The success skills that Adrian acquired, allowed him to transform himself, from a person who would do anything to avoid public speaking, to someone who thrives off of the excitement of being on stage. When he’s not teaching people […]
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Create Massive Influence for Goal-Achieving


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Our podcast guest this week is Teresa de Grosbois, CEO of the Evolutionary Business Council. Teresa is a 4x Bestselling Author and an International Speaker sought by entrepreneurs and large corporations wanting to better understand how local word of mouth can suddenly turn into epidemic.  Specializing in the topics of influence and success, Teresa has a proven track-record in understanding word of mouth epidemics having taken three books to best-seller status in only 8 months. Her book Mass Influence hit  #1 international bestseller status in North America and Europe on the same day it launched. Teresa teaches business and marketing courses around the globe.  As the Chair of the Evolutionary Business Council, Teresa leads an international, invitation-only council of speakers and influencers.

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Your Dream Yet Lived?


Are you clear on what your dream yet lived is? Here are a few tips to discover it, your bigger WHY at play…

  1. Your why is the goal or dream that feels out of reach currently but no matter what else takes place, you’re craving to make happen
  2. Your WHY is like the GPS in your car – the fastest way from point A-B + freedom Want to learn more on this. Get your FREE Why Check-up at
  3. Your monetary gain and freedom are HOW you make your WHY a reality!
  4. Your why is the feeling experience of an ideal day in the life you
  5. The more you choose to experience your why NOW, the more circumstances, individuals and “happenings” seem to land in your lap per se. It’s about belief that you deserve your WHY in the first place
  6. You want to be able to […]
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Feed Your Entrepreneur Mindset


Commitment #11 liberation within is my vision

Mind food? How do you nourish and feed your entrepreneur mindset, your thoughts to work for you and your goals? Just like you feed your body and (hopefully) your spirit, your mind is a sponge of sorts.

The commitment liberation within is my vision speaks to the premise of releasing thoughts that no longer and maybe never worked for you. When you increase awareness of thoughts and old stories that keep you contained and feed into less than a stellar experience you start shift toward the next best version of you. Everyone has a choice replace negative ways and thoughts with power-filled, positive ones to move forward. It is a moment to moment process.

When you’re clear about your Why, your dream yet lived, then your next task is to align your thoughts to […]

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Entrepreneur Health Mastery


Commitment # i make luxurious choices

For me making super delicious, healthy meals and sharing them with others is love in action. I see this as a luxurious choice for self and others. I’m a big proponent of the value in having a meal at the table with plenty of good food, made with love and shared with those that love each other. Most challenging days can be greatly resolved with a loving meal with those who you know love you.

Choosing to make time purchasing whole foods, preparing and eating them mindfully is a basic human right that feeds you on all levels. Part of daily-life-mastery is respecting your temple (your body) and giving it the best chance to serve you well through what you consume and making time to eat slowly and enjoy your meals. Entrepreneurs tend to […]

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Entrepreneur Hobbies Increase Revenue


Commitment #2 I am enough

i am enough is my constant feeling when time is spent on my heirloom garlic hobby. I have such a strong commitment in my heart with my garlic. I know this may sounds a bit…odd. But the thing is it gives me and others so such eatable pleasure! Every fall, I plant the seeds (this year 250+ seeds to grow 250 bulbs!) and within a couple of weeks, the green shoots appear and grow over the winter – so hardy! Then, in spring, I water and nourish it to an early summer harvest. The flowers (scapes) are delicious in salads, etc. Then, there is the harvesting, drying and the best part!  The best part is the first Caesar salad of the summer with friends and family and wine of course when we ooh and […]

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Entrepreneur Mindset Key


Entrepreneur Conversations Radio show guest this week Dave Martin, reinforces the significance in working on your entrepreneur mindset to succeed on all levels


To win in life, you must first develop a mindset and hone a skill set to position yourself where you are able to recognize and to take advantage of every opportunity.  You must also have a game plan to rebound when your first attempt does not bring the desired results.  As history shows us, successful people have all had to adjust, reposition, gain more expertise and try again.  As a success coach, I see numerous attempts at dreams that are not victorious and that require tenacity, focus and a lot of hard work to come back and flourish.  The difference is the people I see are the ones who have enough self awareness […]

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Luxurious Entrepreneur Choices


Daily-Life-Mastery Commitment #6 I make luxurious choices (

Making luxurious choices when you’re frustrated, overwhelmed or lacking motivation is like getting a new hair-do. You feel refreshed, beautified and strengthened to up your ante on all levels.

I awoke today with clarity of my top three priorities to move toward my Why. But as life has it sometimes, I barely got started before a significant hurdle presented itself in the form of a technical radio show glitch. This was the third week in a row the hurdle transpired. I hit the wall with frustration which is unusual for me. It  sent me into a spiral of doubt and anger over the amount of time, energy, commitment and planning in place for the shows to appear seamless. I knew talking to the online radio platform “help” person wasn’t a good idea even […]

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