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Go Beyond Grief…


Podcast Tuesday! Our guest today is Kris Adams, writer and creative director of, an art and humanities website dedicated for people to go beyond grieving and create vibrant living.  Kris provides content through Blogging, Storytelling Photography, and the Adventures of Possibility Podcast.  She lives with her daughter, cat and dog in northern California. What I learned from my conversation with Kris is the significance in slowing down to move ahead, in the importance of simplifying ones’ life on all fronts – declutter your “things”, keep your thoughts clean, loving and focused on what you do want! Mostly I learned that “grief” has many gifts IF we choose to feel it while not getting stuck in it…It takes mindful attention and is worth the effort. @krisadams_life


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Mental Health News Radio Network CEO, Kristin Walker / Neutralize the Stigma


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Today, we launch our weekly podcast with the CEO, founder of The Mental Health News Radio Network (MHNR), Kristin Walker. Her mission is to be recognized as the #1 digital-media platform for mental health content and advocacy by provoking a shift in perception from a reactive stigma to an informed, productive response. MHNR is achieving this through: Advocacy to eradicate stigma; access to credible information for all income brackets; the latest advancements and resources; corporate citizen collaborations for workplace well-being. A few highlights of MHNR:
Five (5) million+ downloads MHNR network
Network listeners reside in 170 countries
Thirty-Five (35)+ podcast shows on network


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Entrepreneur Business Preservation


Do you Feel you are creating Business Preservation in your entrepreneur endeavour?


I define Business Preservation as commitments you make and have in place for daily prosperity and life-mastery to fuel your bigger experiential “why” you’re striving for.

 It begins with knowing your WHY – your GPS.  If you are not clear on what your WHY is, then make an appointment for your FREE Why Check-up

Many waste hours, days, years on non-revenue generating activities because they have no GPS and so get pulled in many directions that lead them away from their dream yet lived. Most of us are not taught the importance on knowing our why, creating commitments and making choices from this place. Long-term Business Preservation is not impossible and not just for a lucky few. Yes, luck is involved however, it is a formula that anyone can learn.

It’s […]

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Secrets to Living A Good Life


Do you wish to live an improved life? Do you find yourself running around and not focused on living in the moment for the moment? Are you missing out on what you really want to experience? Are you stuck in life? Do you want a solution?

It’s time to get inspired to experience your life as you desire it to be. Inspiration is something that reminds us that we are not our problems, nor are we bound by our limiting beliefs. Inspiration comes from the greek word “god within”. Inspiration is an inside job. When we are encouraged and we get motivated we motivate others too. When we quiet our own panic button and gravitate towards what we really want and focus only on what IS working, we notice more of what we do want showing up in our lives. Then we […]

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Leverage Love in Entrepreneur Business


Entrepreneur Conversations Radio Show guest this week Anne Bethune, wants entrepreneurs to lead with “LIVE LOVE”.

I chose this message to remind every person in this world the power they hold within themselves when they live their true power which is LOVE. When the power of love is greater than the love of power the world will know peace.  And business will be for the greater good.  ‘LIVE LOVE’ is more than words – it is a way of being. It is a commitment  to live intentionally, live each moment with eyes that really see others, share our gifts and abundance selflessly with each other, and view others and ourselves with compassion. Live Love…. for without love you don’t live.

I am blessed that my business and my life are one.  The way I move about my life is the way […]

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7 Customer Service Tips


This week’s Entrepreneur Conversations Radio show guest, Marilyn Suttle shares 7 ways to ensure you are placing your customers first.

While vacationing in Italy, I was blown away by an example of customer service that any service team can adapt. We took three tours during our trip. Each tour guide was good – but Francesca was exceptional. Regardless of what type of customers you serve, Francisca’s approach can help make your service team stand out too. When I was recently interviewed on Entrepreneur Conversations radio show, I emphasized the importance of the following 7 tips for customer relationship building.


Francesca carried an iPod loaded with relevant photos to show us throughout the tour. She used it to enhance our experience. Any question we had was answered, and often with a close-up photo (pulled up in […]

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Your Best Entrepreneur Self Today?


Daily-Life-Mastery Commitment #10 I lead in highest good of all

Here’s a question for you to ponder. Who is your best self currently? Are you showing up as your best self for you and as well, for those you influence and connect with daily? Why do you spend the time you do on your endeavor? Having trouble answering these questions? Go to

I lead in highest good of all speaks to showing up as the best version of you in this moment so you can influence and inspire others to lead from this place too. It’s a mindful approach to living in this world and playing a part of the bigger shift to do good, period. It’s a choice. When you make a commitment to lead with the best version of you, you demonstrate:

  1. Belief in your future potential and influence […]
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Create Life-Mastery through Quarterly Commitments


Commitment #11 liberation within is my vision

This commitment influences all my choices and creates life-mastery a bit more each day. The dictionary definition is: the act or process of freeing someone or something from another’s control: the act of liberating someone or something; the removal of traditional social or sexual rules, attitudes, etc.  Quarterly Commitments for Life-Mastery is essential for entrepreneur success.

As I liberate myself of thoughts and feelings that do not move me forward, I experience life-mastery daily. My vision – attain greater and greater states of ease, happiness and peace within in to tap into a potential I don’t yet know I’m capable of. Then, I can influence others to do the same and so it pays forward. This is prosperous leadership.

To create liberation of vision within, I first had to identify and understand what my emotional addiction […]

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curator of my life


Daily Life Mastery: when your daily experience aligns with your desired life experience more often than not, resulting in a state of happiness, no matter what is else takes place around you. Your commitment? Choose to master your life, daily: define “daily success” that you strive to live; respect your story to date; curate who you can become; and, trust in mastery of daily life commitments.

The commitment, #1 curator of my life is your necessity, not a luxury. It’s about managing your life vs it managing you to realize your dreams yet lived. It creates vibrancy, inside-out. Many think placing self first is selfish.  When one is selfish, all their energy goes toward self to the exclusion of how this influences others. When you choose #1 curator of my life, you’ve enter unlimited opportunity to grow into the next best version of […]

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