Do you have a hunch you are spending too much time on NON-REVENUE generating activities? If so, read on…


Connect with your Entrepreneur Why: Resolves Overwhelm/Disorganization

Many live in constant disorganization and overwhelm. In a way they’re addicted to the adrenaline that goes along with putting out fires and self-imposed, pressured deadlines. It feeds them…or so they think. What they don’t realize is that this unhealthy approach leads to burnout, many unnecessary health ailments on a physical, emotional, relational level. It allows one to justify less than stellar results for “busyness”, a habit that reinforces non revenue-generating activities and always compromises self and usually n negatively affects others. It comes down to your commitments or lack thereof. Once you’re clear on your WHY and your commitments, you nix the frenetic “what do I need to do next”. Your choices simply stem from your WHY. Find out more about your WHY with a FREE Check-up

The Significance of Entrepreneur Commitments

A commitment is an agreement with self to work on vs in your life to grow into the next best version of you. It requires awareness of those traits, habits that no longer serve you or others. The rewards this self-discovery are immeasurable internal and external progress.

Somewhere along the way, you chose this entrepreneurial life to make your own decisions, enjoy a flexible schedule, live a creative, lifestyle-based model and, create financial prosperity!

So, did you make time to define commitments to work on vs. in your business to experience lifestyle mastery? Activities are NOT commitments! Commitments involve working on vs in your business. Are you honoring this or have you become a slave to your passion? Most entrepreneurs don’t know their commitments are out of whack or worse yet, don’t have any. The bigger your commitment, the greater your influence to those you serve and lead. What problem do you want to solve and for whom? What sort of influence do you want to establish? Have you created business preservation?

You probably dove into your business venture with passion, gusto and belief to create yours dreams yet lived. You probably haven’t made time to define your commitments for the #1 curator of your life – you! Your commitments feed your why, so stop spinning your wheels! With commitments in place, you will 100% show up for you daily, stay focused on efforts to support your why, and witness results you didn’t know you’re capable of. Fear, anxiety, worry, overwhelm and lack of focus will be the old you. Envision an ideal day in the life of the individual you’re growing into. Now, make choices to support you. Not sure how to create order and focus on revenue generating activities? Learn about the 90-Day Mastery Plan to co-create a 1-Page plan immediately