Do you have commitments in place to work on vs in your Entrepreneur Business and life?

Here are 3 of the 11 foundational commitments of

Entrepreneur Commitment #1 of 11 – curator of my life? Me

When you lead your day from this place, you make choice to be 100% accountable for what is/is not showing up in your life. So if your day is going sideways, your choice is to “course-correct” for 10 min, an hour, half-day by going for a walk, have a tea, take a nap. Get your mindset sorted out to move forward with an inspired action step. This may feel difficult in the moment, but it always moves your forward. If you’re waiting for someone to show up to change your environment….well, you may wait forever!

Entrepreneur Commitment #9 of 11 – create prosperous preservation

Identify your Top 3 priorities each day. When you’re completing your day, take 5 minutes to identify the top 3 things you want to achieve the following day. When you start your day, review these 3 and put all your energy into these 3 things first (yep, before you answer emails etc)

Entrepreneur Commitment #6 of 11 i make luxurious choices

Why not adopt a millionaire mindset? Self-made millionaires get the value in mindful choices. A simple way to grow into this mindset is to ask yourself “Does this choice get me closer to or further away from living my WHY?” Closer to, then move forward. Further away, then create another choice. The more you honor your value and live it now, the sooner you fuel and experience your WHY.

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