Do you Feel you are creating Business Preservation in your entrepreneur endeavour?


I define Business Preservation as commitments you make and have in place for daily prosperity and life-mastery to fuel your bigger experiential “why” you’re striving for.

 It begins with knowing your WHY – your GPS.  If you are not clear on what your WHY is, then make an appointment for your FREE Why Check-up

Many waste hours, days, years on non-revenue generating activities because they have no GPS and so get pulled in many directions that lead them away from their dream yet lived. Most of us are not taught the importance on knowing our why, creating commitments and making choices from this place. Long-term Business Preservation is not impossible and not just for a lucky few. Yes, luck is involved however, it is a formula that anyone can learn.

It’s a result of mapping out what you want your experience to be and working back to what choices you need to make today to give yourself the best chance for arrival. It requires a shift from a corporate mindset to an entrepreneurial one…

Many of our radio show guests speak to learning to work on vs in their businesses. Tune in for many tips and tools