Entrepreneur Beliefs for a Prosperous Mindset, take inventory now!

Let’s assume you’re good, even really good at what you offer and why in your entrepreneur endeavor. All things being equal, success should be forth coming given clarity on your bigger WHY at play and daily due diligence. Not quite! Your beliefs can sabatoge you without awareness. Not sure what your WHY is? https://christinemonaghan.com/30minute

Five Beliefs to Adopt for Your Prosperous Mindset

  1. If never-ending to do’s and responsibilities consume your day, understand it’s your commitments or lack thereof to self that are taking you out, not your to do’s. Once you shift your perspective to work on vs in your life and business with commitments, this changes what you work on and why.
  1. All prosperous leaders learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable. It’s not about the absence of fear or uncertainty, it’s about one inspired step forward despite
  1. Do you focus on long-term vs short-term results? Long-term results are the outcome of consistent, daily choices and activities representing commitments to work on versus in your life. It’s why successful companies focus on 90-day, quarterly results. Things change rapidly, so you want to adapt to shifting circumstances while working toward the dream yet lived, the long-term goals.
  1. Do you acknowledge and celebrate your wins, small and large? If not, start right away. This influences your next success and draws to you more of the same because you take the time to acknowledge what you’ve created in the present moment.
  1. Perfection is boring! Don’t use this as an excuse to not take inspired-action. Get clear on your WHY statement, create a 90-day one-page plan, de-clutter that which no longer serves you (internally or externally) and surround yourself by people you admire who are like-minded and hearted. Work on vs in your life and business. Want to learn how to create your 1-Page plan?https://christinemonaghan.com/plan

If not now when do you get clear on your bigger why at play to influence results each day? https://christinemonaghan.com/30minute