Commitment #8 i evolve my purpose

Evolve your purpose encourages you to be creative in all aspects of your life.  One of my most favourite ways to evolve my purpose and give to others is growing fresh herbs and veggies. The countless hours of puttering, watering, planting and harvesting have provided me time to resolve questions for which I needed answers for and quiet time for ideas and solutions to surface in an environment I can actually hear from within.

Accessing and cultivating your intuitive guide is a lot like cultivating herbs. It requires you be present and truly uses your senses (touch, smell, feel, hear,). It is in these moments, you get to know a bit more about you and reflect and choose to support yourself in what your next best step is…For me, this space is in the garden or the kitchen. What is your sacred space to get creative and cultivate your next best step? Needing a refreshed perspective on your purpose, get your FREE Why check-up at

Life-Mastery Herbs – Grow Your Own!

Mint, rosemary, thyme, sage, chives and many more…It’s fall, however, my herbs will serve up delicious joy all winter until next summer!

On you deck or in your yard, plant herbs in a cedar box planter. Plant mint in its’ own box as it runs wild and take over. Tarragon dies out in the fall, but sparks up again in the spring. Rosemary, Thyme and Sage are hardy and will add flavor to all your winter dishes.

Fall Mint Tip: Mint dies off in late September until spring. Cut all stems with leaves on them completely back to the root. Then, tie with string by the stem and hang in kitchen 4-5 days until dried out. Pull leaves off stems. Toss stems away. Place leaves in Ziploc to store. Make your own peppermint tea or add to coleslaw salad! Yummy.

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