Entrepreneur Conversations Radio Show guest this week Anne Bethune, wants entrepreneurs to lead with “LIVE LOVE”. https://christinemonaghan.com/radio

I chose this message to remind every person in this world the power they hold within themselves when they live their true power which is LOVE. When the power of love is greater than the love of power the world will know peace.  And business will be for the greater good.  ‘LIVE LOVE’ is more than words – it is a way of being. It is a commitment  to live intentionally, live each moment with eyes that really see others, share our gifts and abundance selflessly with each other, and view others and ourselves with compassion. Live Love…. for without love you don’t live.

I am blessed that my business and my life are one.  The way I move about my life is the way I move about my business.  With every life and business decision I ask myself, What would love do? Am I LIVING LOVE?

A few years ago I may have rolled my eyes when talking about LOVE and BUSINESS and dismissed it as fluffy with little practical use.  I likely knew at my core that there was some substance to this love thing, but it was not something I would declare to the cynical world – on my skin!!  Times are changing.   Think about the businesses and leaders that you most admire, look into their management practices and culture and I guarantee that you will find love.  They may not call it that but any business that actively cares about people, treats them with compassion, and works with them to build fulfilling lives is practicing the leadership of love in their business.

I believe that the new way of business has love at it’s core – conscious decision making that takes into account the greater good for humanity, compassionate leadership of others and self love which results in passionate lives and business choices.  As a leader of a thriving global business team with a unique business partnership for life, LOVE is at the core of all we do – www.healthyinsideout.ca.

What will love do now? One of the 11 foundational entrepreneur commitments to live your WHY https://christinemonaghan.com/30minute