Daily-Life-Mastery Commitment #10 I lead in highest good of all

Here’s a question for you to ponder. Who is your best self currently? Are you showing up as your best self for you and as well, for those you influence and connect with daily? Why do you spend the time you do on your endeavor? Having trouble answering these questions? Go to https://christinemonaghan.com/30minute

I lead in highest good of all speaks to showing up as the best version of you in this moment so you can influence and inspire others to lead from this place too. It’s a mindful approach to living in this world and playing a part of the bigger shift to do good, period. It’s a choice. When you make a commitment to lead with the best version of you, you demonstrate:

  1. Belief in your future potential and influence in others to do the same
  2. Conviction in who you’re growing into to live your bigger why
  3. Managing your negative internal chatter so it’s not running the show
  4. To receive good, start with giving good; it’s the right thing to do
  5. Celebration and reverence for the gift of life here on earth
  6. Respect for the laws of the universe

How does this influence your entrepreneur business and prosperity? Individuals are drawn to:

  1. Optimistic, passionate conviction in someone’s energy
  2. Consistency in an individual’s character which inspires
  3. Those who walk their talk in their demeanor and actions
  4. A heart-based approach to connecting with others
  5. Transparency and vulnerability with the intent to grow
  6. Understanding that perfection is boring, so go for it with trust

This week, commit to lead in the highest good of all and make your choices from this place. You’ll be amazed at what transpires and how individuals begin to connect and interact with you from this place too. It will shift your business philosophy to one of ease and opportunity. Are you ready to become the next best version of you? Yes? Then, start showing up as the next best version of you now. https://christinemonaghan.com/30minute