Commitment #11 liberation within is my vision

This commitment influences all my choices and creates life-mastery a bit more each day. The dictionary definition is: the act or process of freeing someone or something from another’s control: the act of liberating someone or something; the removal of traditional social or sexual rules, attitudes, etc.  Quarterly Commitments for Life-Mastery is essential for entrepreneur success.

As I liberate myself of thoughts and feelings that do not move me forward, I experience life-mastery daily. My vision – attain greater and greater states of ease, happiness and peace within in to tap into a potential I don’t yet know I’m capable of. Then, I can influence others to do the same and so it pays forward. This is prosperous leadership.

To create liberation of vision within, I first had to identify and understand what my emotional addiction at play was, (internal dialogue running my show) keeping my arm’s length from my vision. I’d say an unhealthy anxiety and worry was my addiction. It’s been an on-going process for me to un-learn this emotional state and utilize my learning to help others to do the same. Sometimes, I don’t feel like I’ve made much progress and question if all the mindful growth has been worth it and why I can’t just not be a “worrier” of sorts. In those moments, I just chose to believe in that which I cannot see, hear, feel, touch, know…Now, I get to mentor entrepreneurs in this method through a fun, simple and effective program, Quarterly Commitments,

The more I focus on helping others to help themselves, the less room available to be anxious or worry! Our greatest source of suffering, pain and negatively all starts from within, re-playing past events or speculating on future events. Best to concentrate on this moment and how to best serve others with your unique message.