Daily Life Mastery: when your daily experience aligns with your desired life experience more often than not, resulting in a state of happiness, no matter what is else takes place around you. Your commitment? Choose to master your life, daily: define “daily success” that you strive to live; respect your story to date; curate who you can become; and, trust in mastery of daily life commitments.

The commitment, #1 curator of my life is your necessity, not a luxury. It’s about managing your life vs it managing you to realize your dreams yet lived. It creates vibrancy, inside-out. Many think placing self first is selfish.  When one is selfish, all their energy goes toward self to the exclusion of how this influences others. When you choose #1 curator of my life, you’ve enter unlimited opportunity to grow into the next best version of you. In doing so, you’re in a much better position to influence, impact and serve others to do the same. The world is a much better place when individuals optimize their talent and serve others on a high level as a result. Regardless, if you are the leader of your family, a work team, a community program, your own business, you want to 100% show up for you, so you can 100% show up for others. This is prosperous leadership. To get inspired each week, tune into 1 or both radio shows https://christinemonaghan.com/radio