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Fall 2017 / Stress Solutions for Optimum Performance Workshops

This is a live workshop series with an option to attend livestream, online. You decide if you want to attend in-person OR join us from the comfort of home! We will share Stress Solutions principles to tap into more of your optimum performance in all life areas. The goal is to influence your daily conversations, commitments and choices for what you do want. So, Why Stress Solutions?

  • Because the what if stress (worry, fear, struggle) is optional and can be shift back to a natural state of ease;
  • Because it’s not acceptable that 1 in 4 Canadians deal with anxiety related disorders in a lifetime/40 mill+ USA;
  • Because feeling over-stimulated/exhausted, disrupted sleep, poor digestion, lack of concentration aren’t necessary;
  • Because we need to collectively replace commercial/political-driven fear-based, lack mindset to empowerment;
  • Because freedom starts by risking creating whatever you want by saying no to what if stress;
  • Because ignoring your unmet needs triggers stress which minimizes your ability for Optimum Performance;
  • Because each of us is inherently prosperous: If not now, when will you claim this?;
  • Because experiencing ease vs stress starts with mindful commitments, conversations, choices with self/others;
  • Because vibrancy, mental clarity, positive emotional energy, success can be the norm not exception.


“You can’t reach for anything new if your hands are still full with yesterday’s junk.” Louise Smith

Fall Workshops / Sep 26 / Oct 24 / Nov 28

Attend in-person OR online / Pre-Registration Required

Workshop Dates / Attend 1 or 3 – your choice

  • Sep 26: Lean Into What You Do Want vs What You Don’t Want
  • Oct 24:  Nix Negative Internal Chatter For Positive Results
  • Nov 28: 5 Steps From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be!

Workshop Benefits

  • Understand how your unmet needs minimize success;
  • Witness increased sense of ease daily; simple proven tools;
  • Shift your stress level toward ease in any situation;
  • Tap into optimum performance; replace stress habits;
  • Train yourself to 100% source the gifts in daily hurdles;
  • Replace stress-based choices with inspired-action ones;
  • Use techniques to feel stress and step forward anyway;
  • Receive digital Stressless booklet for daily ease.

Time / Location / Format (Attend in-person OR online)

6:30-7:45 PM: West Vanc. Community Centre/free parking
6:30-6:45 Cedar room networking / non-alcoholic bubble
6:45-7:45 Workshop content / Q+A / sponsor prize draw / network

Pre-Registration Required / Last Workshop 3/4 full!


$39 – You + a Buddy!





Stress Solutions Consultant, Christine Monaghan

Christine Monaghan contributes her acumen from: Training in Jack Canfield’s Success Principles; training, Coaching from Spirit Institute; a decade coaching entrepreneurs on goal-setting, goal-achieving, revenue-stream development; mindset training via international masters; a published author; international podcast host business contacts; experience raising millions in international sponsorship; co-production, world-class sports events (80,000+ attendees); owner, four-city human-potential series/300+ international speakers, sponsors; and, wisdom from her near-death experience leading to new possibilities. More about Christine


“You have 100% control over three things – your thoughts, your actions and the images (stories) you create internally and externally. This influences your commitments, conversations and choices forward or not. Inspiring leaders know this and consistently finesse their approach with proven systems to leverage their revenue, time, acumen, connections for quality life experiences for all. Utilizing a proven, measurable system that energizes while effectively minimizing more “to-do’s” will transform your daily experience, creating more of what you desire with more ease.”

“I’ve devoted my adult life to growing into the next best version of self and influencing others to lead as such, even though I wasn’t always aware of this as my defining purpose. While ambitious, a calculated risk taker and generally optimistic, I consider myself a recovering “what if” worrier! Worry resulting in anxiety was the thing I continually worked through, stemming from an unhealthy sense of responsibility for self and others. This combined with being sensitive behind my strong personality in leadership roles influenced: pushing when I needed to pause; saying yes when I needed to say no; and not understanding when to ask for support. Learning to manage my thoughts, attitude and the internal stories I tell myself has resulted in tapping into my own optimum performance with ease and influencing others to do the same.” Christine Monaghan