Christine Monaghan

Reset Coach // eLearning Consultant

Consider me your human-potential champion! I believe stress is optional and when understood can be utilized to source your next level of potential in all life areas. A master motivator, I influence the next best version of you. Think of me as your go-to reset coach, the one nudging you through resistance, fear, old habits to get from where you are to where you crave to be. Fresh vibrancy, opportunities and results is my vision for you.

My work with individuals and organizations is solution-based for 100%  focus on what you do want to achieve. This involves learning proven success principles from my training with internationally revered professional-development experts; sharing my eclectic business and life acumen; implementing powerfully methodical systems; plus, practicing the 3C’s – commitments, conversations and choices to witness the results you desire. My clients’ experience a complete reset: Clarity in what they really, really want; focused productivity for profit; consistent goal-achieving; and, a solution-based, stress is optional daily experience.

My Career Experience

My entrepreneur spirit began summer of grade 7 as nanny to a four-month baby – half my earnings funded my own bank account, the rest bought my first duvet! I started in catering sales for an international hotel chain which lead to an opportunity at age 25 to bid on a 500K contract for a world-class sporting event (F1 car races). From this success, event production and sponsorship became my consulting forte with up to 80,000 attendance at one event plus raising millions in sponsorship for more events than I can remember! My next pivot was conceptualizing revenue generating national campaigns, promotions while honing a unique ability to select the best suited partners and confirm them.

The BC wine and craft brewing industry were just getting started and my skill set was what they needed. Eventually, I created my own four-city seminar series – 300+ national, international known speakers plus sponsors such as Chatelaine Magazine, Discovery Health Channel, Indigo/Chapters. I was excelling on all levels and training for a 1/2 marathon…Then, a near-death experience interrupted the roll I was on at the very same time I was expanding my seminar series into the U.S. with a million dollar investor confirmed to back the expansion…Yet another pivot! As bumpy and daunting as this period of time was, it re-directed my energy, talent and experience into the world of coaching others to tap into their potential. I wrote a book on my near-death experience, became a legal guardian to a 14-year girl and began extensive training with leaders (Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor) and never looked back! The constant in all these pivots was/continues to be a richly simple healthy lifestyle. Super healthy food, lots of athletic activity, a solid circle of friends for weekly get together’s, plenty of quiet time for reading and yoga, playful pups, a gardening hobby and family keeps my A-type personality in check! I’ve learned to slow down to move ahead.

“Course correct each time you’re aware of slipping into old worn out ways habits, one conversation, one choice, one commitment at a time”
~ Christine Monaghan

Notable Highlights

  • eLearning consultant, Chartered Professionals Human Resources Association, BC, Canada and corporate clients
  • Founder, eLearning platform
  • Leader, Virtual Influence Mastermind Group (2014-2019 national)
  • Success Coach, International Success Institute, eWomen Network
  • Author, HeartBroke: One Entrepreneurs Journey from Near-Death
  • Creator national self-development series, 300+ international experts
  • Podcast Host, Stress is Optional
  • Negotiated inaugural funding West Vancouver summer concert series / Cheryl Crowe/Bob Dylan
  • Negotiated Panasonic, 2010 Winter Olympics sponsor, West Vancouver
  • Negotiated, produced 500k catering contract, inaugural Molson Indy VIP Suite, Pit Boxes
  • Negotiated, produced food+beverage component, Hydroplane Races / 80,000 attendees
  • Co-produced Vancouver Snow Show, 30,000 attendees / $275k+ media sponsors
  • Awarded contract to produced YVR International Terminal Dignitary Dinner/$250k+sponsors
  • Produced first province-wide B.C. Micro Brewery liquor stores campaign
  • Produced BC Wine Institute four-day international media wine tour
  • Manager, Crown Corporation, Food and Beverage Marketing Association (for import/export)

My Mission

Provoke conversations for a societal shift from stress is normal to stress is optional.

My mission is to provoke you to question society’s current mindset that stress is normal. This questioning reveals the global stress addiction and awareness of your role in perpetuating this mindset. Now, you can make a commitment to shift your approach to Stress is Optional.

Utilizing the mindful practice of the 3C’s of Communication, you influence a collective, global reset for Stress is Optional. It comes down replacing old worn-out habits to support your core values through the 3C’s. The next best version of you is revealed as you say no to culturally ingrained, fear-fueled, time-worry and exhausting what if’s, robbing your ease, vibrancy and prosperity in all life areas.

My Philosophy

Provide valuable content, in least amount of time, for most  significant results.

Providing concise content for manageable implementation to enhance your life experience is my approach for you to witness lasting change. It’s about cumulative, daily successes instead of instant gratification band-aids. Band-aids perpetuate and reinforce stress-addiction and old worn-out habits-not much fun.

A RESET is tailored to your goals. Slowing down to move ahead is a common denominator of successful leaders. It requires an internal shift from stress(fear) to ease and assumed sufficiency. My mantra of sorts is lead as you would like to follow.

My Coaching Practice

I started my coaching practice in 2004. It wasn’t a planned career move, however, continues to be the most long-term, fulfilling career choice. I was in reset mode after a near-death experience. Fully detailed in my book, HeartBroke, this resulted in my walking away from a million dollar investor and closing my business – just a couple of the hurdles I faced. With a daunting clean canvas, I made the commitment to build forward!

I had a choice. Would I allow the near-death circumstances  to define and become my story of woe OR utilize pretty challenging circumstances to create the next best version of me? Day by day, I disciplined myself to focus entirely on what my ideal could be – one commitment, one conversation, one choice at a time.

Publishing a book resulted from daily journal writing. The daily writing allowed me to process and make sense of the life-altering changes in my life in a three-month period of time. It felt like nothing had changed but everything was different. The daily journal process helped me sort out feelings to release the fear, negativity and befriend uncertainty. And, seeded the book project! I’d romanticized writing a book, so set the commitment – it was either a book at the end of six months or it was going into the garbage. And, so my book was published.

Since then, I up-leveled my professional training in coaching, mindset training and goal-achieving from some of the most recognized, sought after professional/ personal development experts (Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Coach from Spirit Institute to name a few). I’ve influenced 1000+ clients in individual and group settings to reset their lives by focusing on what they do want and how they do want to feel on a daily basis. I created an solution-based approach for clients to implement and witness immediate results through the practice of the 3C’s of Communication.

My clients are leaders of 1-10,000+ – ambitious, motivated, growth oriented and considered a success by peers and friends. You hold high levels of responsibility in all life areas. Despite daily due diligence, your repetitive inner voice says “just get through this project, deadline, then you will…” Of course, another deadline arises. More and more, your usual experience is: pressure to complete unrealistic to-do’s; new projects on top of current workload; and, the majority of time spent working in vs on your leadership role and life. Your result? Feeling compromised, a dulled vibrancy and ever-present wearing stress. Your conversations, commitments, choices reflect this. You wonder what happened and when. Self-care and relationships are absolutely compromised.

You need a reset as mediocrity knocks at your door, craving to live your ideal lifestyle, now. Internally, you ponder and try to map out the shift, perhaps even push yourself harder to create it. Yet the needle really doesn’t move. Perhaps, out of exhaustion, you default into “it’s not so bad, I have a good enough life”. Until it niggles at you once again. You’re not stuck, you’re afraid from all the “what if’s”. You’re not broken, you need to reset and access the next best version of you.

Reset? I’ve been there…

A near death experience took me to my knees, I refer to it as “the crumble.” It forced me into making moment to moment life altering choices; agreeing to life and death surgery with minutes to spare; walking away from a million dollar investor; closing my business; creating fresh commitments with challenging circumstances daily on all levels. This was my RESET! Eventually, it influenced inspired-action to write my book, HeartBroke.

HeartBroke – Ebook version $5.99

After purchase, you will receive a download that contains a pdf, a mobi, and an epub file so that you can choose the right one for your e-reading device.

“All of my work life is led by what I want to do, what I have a calling to and a passion for. I simply can’t operate any other way. What I have discovered is that when you are true to this way of living your life, opportunities begin to present themselves. Christine Monaghan is an example of this in her vision of past and current endeavors. When we follow our inner knowing, chances are, things will be exactly as they should be.”

Silken Laumann, Olympian, Speaker, Writer, Kid’s Champion

“HeartBroke is a testament of faith and courage and the power of love. Christine’s writing will uplift and inspire you to reinvent yourself and to believe in magical possibilities. Read HeartBroke and befriend uncertainty, read HeartBroke and make peace with your dark night of the soul.”

Grade Cirocco, National Best-Selling Author, Take the Step, the Bridge will be there


One day you get it! Your conversations, commitments and choices are not in alignment or supporting your desired life experience. You begin to understand that optimum performance in all life areas starts with taking 100% responsibility for what is showing up, internally and externally, period.

Taking 100% ownership of your thoughts, attitude and stories you create about you and others is the new commitment. In becoming aware of what you are creating (good or not good) through your commitments, conversations, choices, your worn-out habits get revealed. Now, you have the opportunity to reset them for ones’ that serve you and others in the highest good. This  RESET gives you space to create fresh possibilities and move toward what you truly crave, your ideal life. As you trade in worn-out states in being depleted, overwhelmed and constantly “on” from relentless to do’s, stress and struggle, you begin the return to a natural state of vibrant energy, clear minded prosperity, ease. This becomes you new normal, the next best version of you. It is the result of 100% showing up for you and claiming your worth and value on new levels!



Emotional. Physical. Spiritual. Intellectual. Financial.
knowledge is your potential…live your ideal

The Chapters of Health series was a vision I conceptualized, built, secured national sponsor funding for, and showcased in four cities nationally.