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Christine MonaghanConsultant, Stress Solutions

Christine is a human-potential champion. She believes that stress is optional and when understood can be utilized to source the next brilliant opportunity in one or more life areas. Others describe her as the master motivator and influencer to tap into the next best version of you. She works with individuals and organizations to source solutions by shifting focus from what they don’t want to inspired-action for what they do want. Her approach utilizes proven success principles with a simple, yet powerful system based on mindful commitments, conversations and choices. Her vision is to influence others to replace stress by tapping into optimum performance through shifting unhealthy, lack based problems for a solutions-focused mindset. The result is purposeful productivity, increased vibrancy, trust in cultivated intuition and prosperity in all life areas, daily.

Christine’s acumen encompasses: Training in Jack Canfield’s Success Principles (author, Chicken Soup book series, 500 mill+ sold); training, Coaching from Spirit Institute; coaching entrepreneurs on goal-setting, goal-achieving, revenue-stream development; success mindset training international masters ; published author; international podcast host; success raising millions, international sponsorship; co-producing world-class sports events (80,000+ attendees); owner, four-city human-potential series/300+ international speakers, sponsors; wisdom from her near-death experience.

Notable Highlights

  • Success Coach, International Success Institute, EWomen Network
  • International Podcast Host, Entrepreneur Conversations/90k+ downloads
  • Author, HeartBroke: One Entrepreneurs Journey from Near-Death
  • Negotiated WV summer concert series, Cheryl Crowe/Bob Dylan
    Negotiated Panasonic, W. Vancouuver, 2010 Winter Olympics sponsor
    Creator national self-development series, Indigo stores,300 experts
    Negotiated, produced inaugural Vanc. Molson Indy/$500K VIP catering
    Negotiated, produced food+beverage Hydroplane Races/80k attendees
    Co-produced Vanc Snow Show, 30k+ attendees/$275k+ media coverage
    Produced YVR International Terminal Dignitary Dinner/$250k+sponsors
    Produced first province-wide BC Micro Brewery liquor stores campaign
    Produced BC Wine Institute four-day international media wine tour

Commit to Show Up For Self

I believe self-discovery is our greatest privilege in this lifetime. It’s not about perfection. It’s about stretching oneself daily to evolve our remarkable self. In receiving this gift of life, our responsibility is to influence self and others to tap into their remarkable self for optimum performance. Choosing to focus on what we do want instead of what appears to not be working results in  the most amazing events, individuals, circumstances appearing.

Commit to Optimum Performance

When your daily experience aligns with your desired life experience more often than not, resulting in a state of happiness, no matter what takes place around you.

HeartBroke – Ebook version $5.99

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Commit to Prosperity

Through my own entrepreneur wins and hurdles plus influencing 1000’s of entrepreneurs into inspired-action, I believe our greatest need is to commit, all in, to that which we say we desire. Knowing your why, establishing commitments to support your why and making mindful choices from this place creates prosperity and ease, daily.

One day you get it! Your conversations, commitments and choices are not supporting your desired life experience. You begin to understand that optimum performance in all life areas starts with ownership of your thoughts, attitude and stories. Awareness and addressing stressors that reflect unmet needs is the first step. Then, focusing on what you do want and how you do want to feel creates fresh possibilities and results. Trading in worn-out states of depletion, overwhelm from relentless to do’s, stress and struggle for increased  vibrancy and prosperity represent your commitment to 100% own your worth and value and show up for you!