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StressLess 40-Day Program (1:1 training)

40-Days is the scientifically proven time frame to replace a worn out habit or negative way of being on a cellular level for integration and optimum transformation in all life areas. In order to stressless (fear, worry, procrastinate, struggle less) you must identify what unmet need is triggering the stress. The StressLess 40 Program goals are: Get clarity on your #1 unmet needs in five life areas which fuel your distress; identify your #1 Optimum Performance goal to resolve the unmet need(s); establish two techniques to utilize daily to respond vs react to your specific stress triggers; and, start experiencing more of what you do want and do want to feel, from daily inspired-action!

StressLess 40-Day Program (1:1 training)

Together, over 40-days, you and I will brainstorm and implement a plan tailored to get your needs met and progress from where you are to where you want to be. The 40-Day process is efficient, measurable, motivating and performance oriented. This 1:1 training involves:

    • Completion of your tailored one-page StressLess Plan template for results throughout the entire year!
    • Discovery questionnaires completed prior to telephone training session; witness results every week
    • Three x 45 minute telephone sessions; interactive exercises, action-steps to implement your plan
    • Four x 15 minute check-ins; celebrate wins and move through hurdles to implement the plan over 40-days
    • Learn two proven techniques to respond vs react to stress triggers; focus on what you do want/want to feel

StressLess 40-Day Program Outcomes

Tangible benefits you will witness from this 40-Day program are:

  • Feeling less stress, anxiety, worry, etc about your unmet need(s) that negatively impacted your 5 life areas
  • Witnessing new possibilities emerge where stress used to show up by using resistance to create possibilities
  • Greater sense of fulfillment daily no matter what goes on around you; managing thoughts and attitude
  • Responding vs reacting when stress triggers arise with clarity for what your unmet need(s) are in 5 life areas
  • An noticable shift from stressed to refreshed energy by using two simple, proven techniques to use anywhere
  • Making daily choices once and for all to align your hierarchy of needs with a focus on optimum performance
  • Surprising yourself in stepping a bit more; getting comfortable being uncomfortable for new success
  • Conversations speaking your truth in a compassionate, calm, inclusive manner for highest good of all
  • A desire and motivation to show up for yourself with 100% responsibility based on the results you’re receiving

One payment of $399

Two payments of $215

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Christine Monaghan is a trainer in optimum performance utilizing her: Training in Jack Canfield’s Success Principles (author, Chicken Soup book series, 500 mill+ sold); training, Coaching from Spirit Institute; coaching entrepreneurs on goal-setting, goal-achieving, revenue-stream development; mindset training via international masters; a published author; performance tips via international podcast guests; background raising millions in international sponsorship; co-producing world-class sports events (80,000+ attendees); owner, four-city self-development series/300+ international speakers, sponsors; and, wisdom from her near-death experience. Learn more about Christine

I’ve devoted my adult life to growing into the next best version of self and influencing others to lead as such, even though I wasn’t always aware of this purpose. While ambitious, a calculated risk taker and generally optimistic, I consider myself a recovering “what if” worrier! Worry resulting in anxiety was my thing to continually work through stemming from an unhealthy sense of responsibility for self and others. This combined with being sensitive behind my strong personality in leadership roles influenced: pushing when I needed to pause; saying yes when I needed to say no; and never asking for support. Learning to manage my thoughts, attitude and the internal stories I tell myself has resulted in plenty more ease and continued optimum performance and prosperity in all life areas. Christine Monaghan

StressLess 40-Day Program: Your FREE 45-minute Consult: Discover how negative what if worries minimize goal-achieving • Learn a technique to resolve limiting what if’s • Cultivate a key trait successful individuals possess • Utilize stress busting tools to succeed with more ease

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