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Christine Monaghan

My cumulative business and life experience has lead to my profession as a trainer for optimum performance in one or more life areas. I usually work with entrepreneurs and business organizations who understand the value and significance of people and culture as a profit model. I’ve motivated, connected and organized people for as long as I can remember. Since my teens, I’ve been fascinated with growing into the next best version of self – reading, observing, participating in growth oriented, success platforms for all life areas. Early in my career, I experienced success in world-class project management, securing corporate sponsorship and creation of revenue-generating promotions for national projects. This lead to creating a national, multi-city personal growth series with 300+ seminars over six weeks and partners including Discovery Health Channel, Chatelaine Magazine, Ethical Funds and Expedia CruiseShip Centers. Since 2008, I’ve offered this combined acumen to entrepreneurs and people and culture focused businesses, the best of all worlds!

My clients are usually: Growth-oriented, successful professionals seeking the next level of performance in one or more life-areas; professionals in transition, seeking more ease while establishing a refreshed, energized focus for results; business teams with a desire to get from goal-setting to goal-achieving; StressLess community and E-Series training for optimum performance.