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I started my coaching practice in 2004 and have influenced 1000+ clients in individual and group settings.

My clients are leaders of 1-10,000+. You’re ambitious, motivated and considered a success by peers and friends. You hold high levels of responsibility in all life areas. Despite daily due diligence, your repetitive inner voice says “just get through this project/deadline, then you will…” Of course, another deadline arises. More and more, your normal experience is: unrelenting pressure to complete unrealistic to-do’s; new projects on top of their current workload; and, the majority of time spent working in vs on your leadership role. Your result? Feeling compromised, a dulled vibrancy and ever-present, wearing stress. Your conversations, commitments, choice reflect this. You wonder what happened and when. Self-care and relationships become challenging.My miss

My mission is Stress is Optional. To provoke each of you to question society’s current mindset that stress is normal. As each of you questions the global addiction to stress, the collective mindset will begin to shift to stress is optional in conversations, commitments and choices. It comes down to a commitment to live your core values in your business and personal life which is entirely possible. The next best version of you is then revealed as you say no to culturally ingrained fear-fueled, time-worry and exhausting what if’s which rob you of ease, vibrancy and prosperity in all life areas.

My philosophy is to provide content and proven success principles for manageable implementation to enhance versus diminish your life experience. I want you to experience cumulative, daily successes versus instant gratification band-aids. Band-aids perpetuate stress and reinforce stress-addiction-not much fun. A cultural shift from fear and division to ease and sufficiency is what I envision and seek for all of us. My motto lead as you would like to follow...